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How to wash a heated jacket: step by step guide

How to wash a heated jacket: step by step guide

Ultimate Guide: How to Safely Wash Your Heated Jacket

For those braving the cold at work or during outdoor activities, a heated jacket is an essential gear to make your day more comfortable. Designed to shield you from the chill and keep you warm and relaxed, heated jackets provide a cozy feeling throughout the day. Although primarily aimed at sports and activities in freezing conditions, like motorcycling, downhill skiing, diving, winter biking, snowmobiling, hiking, and outdoor labor, heated jackets also find practical use in everyday scenarios, such as outdoor winter chores.

How to Wash a Heated Jacket

Proper maintenance of your heated jacket involves a few simple steps to avoid damage and ensure it remains effective. Here's how to care for your high-tech heated jackets, ensuring they last season after season.

Step 1: Remove Your Power Bank (External Battery)

It's crucial to remove the external battery from the jacket before washing. Although power banks are increasingly becoming water-resistant, it's safer to remove the battery to prevent any unwelcome surprises.

Step 2: Secure the Connection Cable and Close the Zip Pocket

Keep the power cable safe. Once the battery is removed from your heated jacket or vest, ensure to reattach the connection cable and close the zip pocket to protect it during the wash cycle.

Step 3: Place Your Jacket in a Mesh Laundry Bag

The wiring in your heated gear is delicate and requires extra care. Placing it in a mesh laundry bag is recommended.

Step 4: Machine Wash

Avoid dry cleaning. Your heated jacket prefers being washed at home rather than taken to the dry cleaners, saving you money. Even if you're tempted to dry clean, don't. Your jacket also favours machines without a central agitator, but if that's all you have, using a mesh bag or even a pillowcase can be very helpful.

How to wash a heated jacket step by step

Cold and Gentle Cycle

Handle with care. Ensure your machine is set to a gentle cycle and wash with cold water. Your heated jacket loves cold showers!

Do Not Use Bleach

Bleach will damage your heated garments, so it's a definite no-go.

Step 5: Drying

Do not wring out: Although you might be eager for it to dry quickly, squeezing or wringing can damage the wiring.

Air Drying

Heated clothing dislikes tumble dryers and should be air-dried indoors or outside. Another method is laying it flat on a towel, making sure to turn it occasionally for even drying.

Do Not Iron

Avoid creases by removing your jacket from the washing machine as soon as possible.

Step 6: Ready to Go!

Your heated jacket is ready for use again! Time to wear it once more, with all the style you possess. Having a heated jacket in 2020 is a luxury but an accessible one.

How to Store Your Heated Clothing?

If you need to store your heated jacket, sweatshirt, vest, pants, or other heated apparel, ensure it's placed in a well-ventilated and low-humidity area. Remember to keep your battery in a temperate, moisture-free environment.


And that's it! You can now treat your favourite heated vest or jacket to a "bath" whenever necessary. No need to wash it every time you wear it, but deep down, you'll know when it's time for a rendezvous with the washing machine. Visit our blog for more details on maintaining your jacket and its battery.


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