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Which jacket for the coldest weather ?

Which jacket for the coldest weather ?

Which Jacket for the Deep Cold? A Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Protection

Finding the ideal jacket for the deep cold can be bewildering. With a multitude of popular winter jacket brands and insulating materials for cold weather, how does one choose? If you're planning a trip to a cold destination like Lapland, or if you're simply someone who suffers from the cold, you're probably wondering how to dress for the deep cold? Discover in this article the best winter jackets for men and women to face extremely low temperatures with serenity.

The Best Jackets for the Deep Cold

Thermal Jacket for the Deep Cold

The thermal jacket for the deep cold is designed to provide optimal protection against the lowest temperatures. With its thermal insulation and waterproof outer coating, this jacket is both warm and dry. These jackets are often equipped with layers of synthetic polyester fibers that offer excellent insulation. When purchasing, make sure to check the price of the jacket by comparing the different options available.

Down Jacket for the Deep Cold

For those who prefer a lighter jacket without compromising warmth, the down jacket for the deep cold is the ideal solution. The down jacket is usually filled with goose down or synthetic fibers, which provide effective thermal insulation. Remember that to choose the warmest down jacket, the ratio of down to feathers is essential. A ratio of 90/10 (90% down, 10% feathers) will guarantee excellent warmth.

Parka for the Deep Cold

For those looking for both a stylish and warm garment, the parka for the deep cold is the perfect choice. The parka is often filled with wool or down, and has a robust and waterproof outer shell. It's ideal for outdoor excursions in cold weather. Moreover, many models feature fur-lined hoods, not just for a fashionable style, but also for additional warmth.

Heated Jacket

In deep cold conditions, heated jackets are an undeniable asset. These modern jackets are equipped with an integrated heating system, usually powered by a rechargeable battery, that generates and distributes heat throughout the jacket. They thus maintain a comfortable body temperature even when the outside temperatures are extremely low. Heated jackets are especially appreciated by those working outdoors in freezing weather, practicing winter sports, or being in deep cold areas like Lapland. In addition to their ability to provide extra warmth, these jackets are often designed with insulating and waterproof materials for increased protection against the cold. For those particularly sensitive to the cold or planning to spend long periods in icy environments, investing in a heated jacket can make all the difference in terms of comfort and well-being.

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Insulating Materials for Winter Jackets

When choosing your jacket for the deep cold, pay close attention to the insulating material used. Here are some of the most popular options:


Wool, particularly merino wool, is a natural and durable option. It offers excellent warmth, absorbs moisture, and is naturally odour resistant. Remember that not all wool garments are created equal: merino wool is soft and not itchy, unlike some coarser wools.


Down, specifically goose down, is one of the best natural insulators. It's incredibly light and compressible, making it an excellent choice for outdoor activities where weight is a key factor. However, its insulating ability decreases when wet, so it's important to keep it dry.

Synthetic Fibers

Synthetic fibers, such as polyester, are a less expensive alternative to natural materials. They offer good insulation even when wet, are easier to clean, and maintain than wool or down.


Fleece is a material that is not only warm but also highly insulating.

Popular Brands

The market is full of popular brands offering a variety of options for the cold season, suited to all tastes and budgets. Among the most appreciated brands, we can mention:

  • The North Face: Known for its high-end outdoor clothing, The North Face offers a wide selection suitable for the deep cold, including down models and thermal articles.
  • Patagonia: This brand is recognized for its commitment to sustainability. Patagonia offers high-quality articles made from recycled down.
  • Canada Goose: This brand is famous for its parkas resistant to intense cold, padded with goose down and trimmed with real coyote fur.
  • Columbia: Columbia offers a varied selection, from thermal articles to parkas, at more accessible prices.

For ski enthusiasts, brands like Helly Hansen and Salomon offer articles specifically designed for the slopes, with features such as ski pass pockets and snow protection.

For hunting, brands like Beretta and Browning offer very high-quality articles.

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How to Choose Your Jacket for the Cold Season: The Essential Criteria

When buying anti-cold clothing, several factors must be taken into account.

Planned Activity

First of all, what kind of activities do you plan to do with this jacket? If you plan to go skiing or hiking, opt for a lighter and more breathable jacket. For more passive activities or everyday life, a heavier and warmer jacket like a down jacket or parka would be ideal.

Required Level of Insulation

Clothing for the deep cold is often measured in terms of "fill weight," which indicates the quality of the insulation. The higher the fill weight, the warmer the jacket.


The price of the jacket is a key factor to consider. They can cost from a few tens to several hundred euros. Make sure to choose a jacket that offers the best value for money based on your needs.


In addition to the cold, winter can bring its share of precipitation. That's why warm and waterproof jackets are essential. Whether you opt for a parka for the deep cold or a down jacket, make sure it is indeed waterproof.

Adaptation to Your Activities

Jackets for outdoor activities, such as skiing or hunting, require specific features. For example, for skiing, you will need a jacket offering good mobility, whereas for hunting, you might prefer a silent jacket.

Jackets for Outdoor Activities in the Cold Season

When it comes to choosing a jacket for specific outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, or even fishing or hunting, you should pay particular attention to certain factors.


For skiing, a warm and waterproof winter jacket is essential. Many ski jackets have a water and wind-resistant outer shell to keep you warm. They often have multiple pockets to store your gloves, goggles, and other accessories.


For hunting, opt for a high-quality thermal jacket, but also with particular attention to color and pattern. A camouflage pattern may be necessary depending on the place and season of hunting. Moreover, jackets specifically designed for hunting often have additional pockets and other useful functionalities.

Choosing the Ideal Jacket for Working in Winter: Comfort, Warmth, and Safety

During the winter or cold season, choosing the right jacket for work can make all the difference in ensuring comfort and productivity. For people working outdoors or in unheated environments, a thermal winter jacket is essential. These jackets are often equipped with insulating layers and waterproof materials to protect against the cold and moisture. For those working in extreme cold conditions, a work parka or down jacket can be an excellent option, offering additional protection thanks to their length covering a significant part of the body. Moreover, to guarantee optimal freedom of movement, a work jacket should be well-fitted without being too tight. It is also important to consider jackets equipped with additional pockets for storing tools or small equipment necessary for work. Finally, high-visibility jackets with reflective strips are indispensable for those working in low-light conditions, ensuring both comfort and safety.

Essentials for the Deep Cold: Gloves, Trousers, Shoes

In addition to the jacket, other elements must be considered for a complete winter outfit. The trousers, for example, should be as warm and waterproof as your jacket. Safety shoes are also essential to keep your feet dry and warm. Don't forget gloves to protect your hands and merino wool socks to keep your feet warm.


Well-insulated gloves are essential to protect your hands from the cold and moisture. Gloves made from merino wool or filled with down offer excellent insulation.


For trousers, look for materials similar to those used in warm and waterproof winter jackets. Trousers filled with down or synthetically insulated can provide substantial warmth.


Finally, don't forget safety shoes for the deep cold. Winter boots lined with wool, waterproof and with an insulating sole will help keep your feet warm and dry.

Dressing for the Deep Cold: The Onion Technique

When it comes to dressing for the deep cold, one of the most effective methods is the onion technique, which involves layering multiple layers of clothing.

First Layer: Undergarments

The first layer is the one in direct contact with your skin. It should be made of materials that wick away moisture, such as merino wool or certain synthetic fibers.

Second Layer: Insulation

The second layer is the one that will keep you warm. This is where jackets come into play. Whether you opt for a thermal jacket, a parka, or a down jacket, this layer must be capable of retaining heat.

Third Layer: Protection

The third layer is the one that will protect you from external elements, like wind, rain, or snow. It should, therefore, be waterproof and windproof.

Where to Find Jackets for the Deep Cold?

Wondering where to find these warm and waterproof winter articles? Specialized technical clothing stores for the cold offer a wide variety of options. Additionally, many online retailers offer articles from the most popular winter brands, often at more competitive rates. You can also find articles suitable for extremely low temperatures in some large department stores or at sports equipment retailers.


Which Jacket for Lapland or Other Deep Cold Destinations?

If you're planning a trip to a cold country like Lapland, the choice of your winter jacket is even more crucial. For these deep cold destinations, it's recommended to choose a jacket with an excellent goose down filling for fail-safe thermal insulation. Make sure it's also waterproof and windproof to protect against extreme weather conditions.

In conclusion, dressing for the deep cold is an art that combines comfort, functionality, and style. Whether it's choosing a thermal jacket for the deep cold or a down jacket, the goal is to find a garment that meets your needs in terms of warmth, weather protection, and style. We hope this guide will help you make the right choice for your next winter clothing purchase.


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